Boost your Customer Service and Lead Generation strategies

Connect your AgentBot and Salesforce accounts to capture new leads and solve your customers’ needs instantly.

Save time, answer automatically

AgentBot is an automatic customer support solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand and solve customers’ needs in real time.

Improve customer support

AgentBot understands customer intent and solves their queries in real time. It interacts with text or voice on all channels, 24/7. AgentBot can identify the customer’s specific need and gather the details required to solve the request.

Increase sales

AgentBot can detect sales and upselling opportunities. It helps your Sales team and adapts to your own Salesforce workflow generating leads and referring them to the right department.

Optimize resources

AgentBot solves problems instantly and reduces human support. Create your forms in Salesforce and add forms in your chatbot’s answers.

Native integration

Automated. No technical intervention required

Simple administration

Gather data in one place

Available in Salesforce Exchange

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Start making your customers happy

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