3-step formula for local business

We have cherry picked and created software tools that help you to get the clients fast

1. Fix your listing

First important step

Google. Bing. Yahoo. Apple Maps. Facebook. Yelp. TripAdvisor. That is where clients find your business. It is essential that you have accurate and complete information about your business EVERYWHERE in the net. If you want that search engines show you to your potential customers. 


CPR Listing Tool will fix it for you automatically.


CPR Listing Tool has three levels: Basic, Advanced, Pro.

2. Get reviews.

Take control of your reputation

People don’t know you yet. They will judge you by the reviews. Search engines will judge you by the testimonials. 


With CPR Reviews Tool you can send invitations, respond to your clients and manage the reviews with a few clicks.


Track and analyze your progress. Fix mistakes and find opportunities.

Brow Up Studio increased the reviews 5x times!

3. Engage prospects. Capture leads

Very important last step

You get the traffic. You worked hard to get to the top of Google My Business or got many reviews and comments on Facebook Business Page. You may even started pay-per-click Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign. You invested heavily with time and money to get that website visitors. Now you need to convert them into the Leads. Call and Book the clients!


How? Add web chat to your site. Clients don’t like to browse your website. They want answers immediately!


We built a very special CPRBot for you. It is backed by Artificial Intelligence. It has a multi-channel engine built in. Meaning it will engage your clients on both your website and on your Facebook Page.

All tools necessary for small business to rank higher on Google, generate traffic and reviews, capture and book clients.

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