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AgentBot is an automatic customer support solution that uses AI to understand and solve customers’ needs in real time.

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Intention recognition and natural conversation


Communicate with your customers in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Natural dialogue understanding

Forget about considering multiple ways of asking, jargon, grammatical errors and other language deviations. AgentBot understands the intent behind each interaction.

Base of Equivalent Meanings

AgentBot has the largest proprietary base of different ways of expressing the same meaning, including words and compound concepts. The machine learning technologies help the knowledge base to evolve with every interaction.


AgentBot detects local terms, regionalisms and jargon, identifying the different uses of speech in the same language.


Emoji and sticker recognition offers an empathetic and natural chatting experience.

Context and Relevance

AgentBot prioritizes products and services and detects keywords to give precise answers. It includes categories of relevance: products, services, places, activities, objects, emotions and more.

Long-term Memory

Maintain fluid long-term dialogues thanks to AgentBot’s retention of relevant information about products, actions and features.


Segment your customers. The virtual assistant chooses how to relate to each type of customer, automatically customizing the response. It also adapts to the company’s particular conditions, business units or ways of communication according to each channel.

Automatic evolution of meanings (Machine Learning)

AgentBot provides complete experiences using our algorithms, dictionaries and meanings database that evolve in real time through Machine Learning.

Prediction of the next question (Machine Learning)

Get ahead! AgentBot suggests related content when it doesn’t possess the information requested, basing on similar interactions of other customers.

Options / Questions suggestions

The virtual assistant offers related questions when the request is very extensive or not specific enough.

Conversation management

Bot-Human-Bot Orchestrator

Control the flow of the conversation and transfer your customer to a human agent without changing the interaction window. Return to the Bot anytime – looking after the whole customer experience.

Message Adaptor

Complements of answers, such as images, links, videos, etc. are automatically adapted to the channels. You don’t need to edit a response for each platform.

Integrations to Live Chats with Messaging APIs

If you use an external chat provider, integrate it natively with AgentBot to chat seamlessly without changing the interaction window.

Transparent transfer

Transfer customers to different areas (sales, customer service, technical support, etc.) according to your business’ workflows and rules.

Experience Control

If the user experience is not effective, a set of predefined triggers will transfer the conversation to a human agent.


Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot


Web/Web mobile Interaction Window

Install the interaction window on your website and save your customers the discomfort of interacting in a pop-up. AgentBot automatically adapts to mobile devices, and supports multimedia and actions like cobrowsing.

In App Chat Window

Add a chat window to your mobile app.

Facebook Messenger

AgentBot connects natively to Facebook Messenger. You can connect multiple Fan Pages to your Virtual Assistant directly from the channel manager.


AgentBot has a messaging API for SMS that adjusts each interaction to the capabilities of the channel.

Messaging API

If you use other tools you can connect them to the AgentBot messaging exchange API.

Experience complements


Create an Avatar in 2D or 3D, an illustration or a photorealism to generate a virtual identity, empathy and engagement.

Recognition and voice interaction

AgentBot recognizes, understands and interacts with voice in several channels: Facebook Messenger, Web / mobile interaction window and Telephone.


The virtual assistant measures the customer’s satisfaction offering feedback in each response. It learns from users’ ratings and opinions and identifies improvement opportunities.

Announcements / Proactivity x

Announcements / Proactivity

Program proactive messages and alerts that start a conversation with the virtual assistant according to the needs of the business.

Knowledge Manager

Management tool

Use the Knowledge section to create, edit and delete questions and answers to keep the virtual assistant updated and offer the best attention. You do not need technical staff or language specialists.

Tag Manager

Use tags to categorize or segment knowledge and obtain statistics on the most consulted topics.

Content importation

Quickly import content from a spreadsheet, or knowledge base from Zendesk Guide, and genereate new questions and answers automatically.

Reports & Analytics

Sessions / Conversations

Track the performance of your sessions

Transfers to live agents

Number of sessions that were referred to another support channel. Analyze the reason and the group to which it was transferred.

Customer Feedback

Ratings obtained in each answer:- Feedback per day: shows the negative and positive feedback and conversations without ratings. – Feedback on interactions: shows the amount of positive or negative feedback detailed per day

Customer Demand

Find out which hours and days receive the most customer demand.


General performance of conversations that the Virtual Assistant has maintained with your customers in the selected period.

Main Topics / Tag Report

Analyze the behavior of your tags.

Full Chat Report

Access the full history of chats. See the detail of each conversation with channel, condition, type of channel, user data, interactions performed, feedback, tag, origin, location, IP and device.

Voice report

Audit the sessions made by this channel.


Number of unique and recurring customers who interacted with the virtual agent. Access the full list of customers, with all the associated information and sessions.

Announcements / Proactivity

Analyze the performance of your customized announcements.


Know the most consulted and rated topics to have an overview of what is going on in a specific period of time.


Identify the effectiveness of the interaction window (Visits, clicks, conversations).


All reports allow filtering by periods, channels, conditions, type of channels, tags, feedback, devices, origin, type of transfer, reason for transfer and location.

Downloadable reports

Download all reports in CSV or PNG files. Schedule to receive your reports by email.

Answer complements

Text with Format

Add format to the answers: bold, italic, underlined and crossed out.


Include Youtube videos and create a superior experience.

Related FAQs / Buttons

Improve answers adding related questions or buttons that help your customers locate the information they need

Web View Extension

Embedd a page (iframe) in a pop-up window to show complex forms or those that need a secure environment, such as payment.


Offer products or services in an attractive and interactive way.


Display forms to capture information about your customers or interact with a web service (WebService).

Download PDF files

Attach files in PDF format to the messages in order to extend the information of the answers.


Use images along with text to solve customers’ requests.

Co Browsing

Assisted navigation takes your customer to the right webpage to resolve their request, without them having to click on a link.


Use emojis to hold empathic, casual and natural dialogues.

FAQs in the start window

Guide your customers’ search to provide continuity in requests. Static methodology: FAQ’s referred to a specific topic. Dynamic methodology: FAQ’s vary according to the most consulted topics.

Integrations or external forms

Add external forms that interact with external systems or WebServices to offer solutions for each client’s needs.

Maps Complement (optional)

Generate dynamic maps as add-ons based on a base of locations.


Use forms created in Zendesk to give support about specific topics. AgentBot sends Zendesk the history of the conversation between your customer and the virtual assistant and provides the customer with a tracking code.

Integrate AgentBot to Zendesk Chat. Generate rules to refer the conversation from the virtual assistant to a human agent for more complex questions (second level).

Import the content of your knowledge base from Zendesk Guide and create your own chatbot with AgentBot

Integrate your Salesforce CRM to AgentBot to automatically create cases or generate new leads. Meet your customers’ needs on the spot adding Salesforce forms inside your chatbot.

Transfer a conversation transparently for second level attention, without changing the interaction channel and maintaining the experience.

Integrations SDK

Allows queries to external APIs using forms.


Create a bot to chat on any internal communication channel.


Integrate AgentBot to Genesys live chat.


Connect your chatbot to hundreds of apps with plug-and-play Zaps.


Integrate AgentBot to LivePerson.


Generate a new contact in your customer base and analyze the interaction with the virtual agent to identify business opportunities

Infrastructure and Security

High availability

Redundant infrastructure with self-escalating capacity.


SLA 99.9% and public access.


The administration system uses OAuth 2.0 for resources authentication and availability.

SaaS Solution

We have SSL (Secure Socket Layer): an encryption protocol that ensures secure communication on the platform and in the chat interface.

Audit Logs

Records of total amount of movements made in the administration platform, identifying executors and managers.

Data Encryption

Encrypts sensitive content that the customer enters during the interaction.


Full security on Amazon. We are certified in ISO 27000 and successfully passed SSAE 16 audits.

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